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Computer Science 50th Fellowship

The Department of Computer Science at Purdue University commemorated its 50th Anniversary in a number of ways. Aside from celebrations, the Department also used this occasion to reflect on our history and 50 years of accomplishments. In retrospect, it becomes apparent that our successes our not ours alone. A portion of the recognition belongs to those who came before us, on whose knowledge we build, those who nurtured and taught us, and those who supported us. It is in that same spirit that we honor those contributions with a contribution of our own, the 50th Fellowship.

In order to fully endow a fellowship, it is necessary for the Department to raise $1,000,000. Most fellowships are partially endowed and supported on less; however, we feel this is an attainable goal. While goal of the 50th Fellowship is to provide assistance to our students, we also feel it will illustrate that friends, alumni, and supporters of the Department are able to band together and accomplish a task that any given individual would find quite substantial.

Meeting a Need

An essential charge of the Department of Computer Science is to attract and retain superb students. Fellowships are extremely helpful for graduate students, and the ability to provide such funding can be an enticing tool for the Department to recruit top students.

An endowed fellowship will allow the department to offer financial aid to a CS graduate student while recognizing his or her hard work and dedication to the field. In doing so, the fellowship strengthens the Department and provides assistance for the students in a lasting manner due to the endowment structure.

Should we reach our goal of endowing a full scholarship at $1,000,000, the fund would support the cost of student attendance, a recent estimate of which is seen below.

2011-2012 Estimated Cost of Attendance for Graduate Students (Two Semesters)





University Fees & Tuition



Books & Supplies



Room & Board




Thank you for considering our request. The Department of Computer Science is committed to retaining a diverse pool of highly-qualified students. Your generous contribution to provide for this fellowship will aid Purdue in achieving this goal. If you have any questions regarding the various ways to contribute to this fund, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to taking this next step with you.

If you would like to contribute online, please visit the following site: 50th Fellowship

For More Information Contact:

Christy Harrison
Director of Development

Department of Computer Science
305 N. University Street
West Lafayette, IN 47907